Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 NERÓN: age unknown, he's an adult dog, about 20 kilograms. He loves playing with sticks and balls, he's a showdog!! 

 LOBO: born in 2004, he's active like a puppy, enjoys sticks and walks to the river.

 BOSQUI: crossbreed with labrador retriever, born in 2010. Very short tail, and one eye brown, one eye blue. 

 BLANC: wonderful mixed golden retriever. Lovely, amazing and calm dog, suitable for any family.

 ENCO,  "the climber dog" bron in 2010, he loves running and being the center of all attentions. Medium-small size, about 12 kilograms.

 CHICO: crossbreed german sheperd. Born in 2010, he 's a very calm and lovely dog, but he enjoys running and welcome every person he can. 

GETTY, born in 2009. Ideal dog for any family.

  FOX: born in 2010.

 HARRY: really pacient dog. He suffered a car accident, now his leg is totally recovered. Born in 2007, looking for a not very active family.


 INDIO: born in 2006, very active dog, loves running.

 LUCERO: english setter, about two years. He 's one of our stars dogs. Suitable for any family: active, calm, really faithful.

 LULO: born in 2005, faithful dog with any person and animal. He needs a lot of brushing.

 MUFFIN: gos d'atura and poodle mixed dog, about 15 kilograms.

 NEGRITO: born in 2009, he's a bit fearful with unknown people, and loud noises.

  NINU: born in 2008, about 40 kilograms, he's an escapist, jumps across walls to go running, so he needs an active family to play and run with.

 ROS: born in 2005, about 15 kilos.

  SIMBA: born in 2007, big size, needs a family with experience.

 TIMMY:  very shy dog, he needs a pacient family to recover his trust; when it's done it's a lovely and pacient dog.

 TON: born in 2001, he's looking for a good family to learn what's mean to be a member of a family and be loved. 

 YAGO: born in 2007, over  2 years in the kennel.


 ESTRELLA: gos d'atura crossbred, she enjoys playing, middle age.

 KATTY: born in 2006, she spent all his life in the kennel, very calm and pacient, looking for a family to learn how it feels being loved.

MALÚ: born in 2004, really calm and pacient dog, she was sick and lived in a foster home a few weeks with no problems with the cat of the family.

 MAMINA: husky crossbred, born in 2002, looking for a home to live her last years.

BRENDA: born in 2007, very kind and active, 
loves company.

 HUDLEY: a hunt dog abandoned in the middle of a mountain. 
The life she has been through have made her fearful with people unknown. Born in 2004.

 KEISY: young dog, golden retriever crossbred. 

 DUNA: born in 2010. Very active

 LINA: born in 2008, less than 20 kilos, very active.

 LOBA: german sheperdog, born in 2008. Needs being with people, very smart.

 MARLENE: born in 2006, she was abandoned when she was pregnant. 

 NEUS: precious and calm dog.

 PUÇA: born in 2010, fearful with unknowns.
 ROJA: very active dog, since 2009 in the kennel waiting for a home.
 TINA: born in 2007, amazing and loving dog.o

 AUDREY: adult female dog, very quiet and faithful. 15 kilos.